Crystal Therapy - Does It Really Work?

By Monique Solares  

Beautiful stones cannot only be used for making fabulous bracelets, necklaces and other accessories. Crystals can also be used for healing. Hence, it can be relied on when it comes to restoring health in a non-invasive manner. It is becoming popular these days and with its proven effects, it is no wonder why a lot of folks reach for this form of alternative healing.

Crystal Therapy - The Method 

The method for Crystal therapy is very simple. The gemstones and crystals are actually placed on certain body parts defined as "chakras" or the centers for energy. These spots are believed to have a particular life force in them. In the body, there are seven main chakras that come with particular colors. So, stones in different colors are placed to these spots to achieve healing.

The concept behind Crystal therapy is to get rid of all the negative energies in a specific part of the body. Since it eliminates the negative energy, this therapy brings about healing and good mood. A lot of practitioners believe that Crystal therapy is a great way to focus on your body's needs, which is more like meditation. It serves as a complementary form of healing, and it's not meant to replace contemporary medicine.

For instance, Crystal therapy can be used in conjunction with medication therapy; as this may give you more optimism and improved well being in order to cope with your illness better. After all, investing money on a crystal is not a waste of time and resources.

Crystal Healing - Different Types 

The most common type of Crystal therapy is going to the crystal practitioner in order to receive the healing. Although this is the most popular method, there are also other types of applications, which may have similar effects to the ordinary method. It may include the following:

*Crystals or gemstones can be worn to make you healthy by protecting and healing you all throughout your everyday life.

*The crystals can be put on your bedside, or right on your bed while you sleep to make you feel recharged.

*Crystals can be placed on the water you use for bathing; to achieve a more energizing experience.

*Crystals can be used during crystal meditation; which can be done by placing or holding the crystals near your body, while focusing on their powers.

*Use the crystals for massage and reflexology - it can be rubbed on the skin to achieve maximum effect.

*Soak the crystals on your drinking water for several minutes and absorb its healing energies

By exploring on these types of Crystal therapy, you will surely achieve wellness; as long as you commit and believe in the healing powers of the crystals.